Chiropractic Testimonials

"For years I had suffered from severe back, neck and hip pain. I spoke with many doctors and did physical therapy to no avail. I had lost hope and had decided I would just live a life of pain. My husband came home from work one day to tell me that a new chiropractor in Cottage Grove came to his office to speak with everyone. He thought she seemed like a very understanding and hard working doctor and urged me to meet her. I have always been a skeptic of doctors after seeing so many and never getting any answers. I gave in and made the initial appointment.

Dr Hansen made me feel comfortable and I felt like I could tell her how my body felt and she would understand. I came back in to see the x-rays and was shocked to see how my body was misaligned. Finally, after years of pain, I had an answer, and Dr Hansen had a plan to get me back to living a pain free life. My career as a dog groomer puts a lot of stress on my body, but after the first two weeks of regular adjustments, I could feel marked improvement. I have been seeing Dr Hansen for eight or so months now, and I haven't felt this good in years. For someone as young as myself to struggle for so many years with back pain, and to have it all begin to go away in a few months was, to me, a small miracle.

Dr Hansen has a way of understanding the body and it's movements, and she uses a system that incorporates the entire body, which helps the process of healing go very smoothly. Today I can sleep through most nights, walk for more than a few minutes, and sit in the car without hardly any pain. Over time I know that with Dr Hansen's help, I will continue to be able to live an active life, pain free. She has done wonders for me, and I feel that she has impacted many more lives already with her gift in Chiropractic care."

- Diana Meier

"For 3 years I suffered lower back pain that greatly affected my workouts. I was not able to do many of the exercises I used to do, and it was severely limiting my fitness goals. I tried many remedies, avoiding exercises, taking time off from working out all together, and stretching. Many of my employee's constantly recommended Dr. Caroline Ruppert. In December of 2014 I finally had enough of the pain and went to see her. I was immediately impressed with the thoroughness of the initial meeting. Dr. Caroline laid out a treatment program for me, and after just a couple adjustments, I saw immediate relief. It has now been over 2 months and after 3 years of suffering constant back pain it has literally disappeared! I wish I hadn't wasted 3 years in pain and saw Dr. Caroline immediately!"

- Andy Gundlach, Owner of 25 Southern Wisconsin Anytime Fitness Health Clubs

"Chiropractic Care has helped decrease my back pain and weakness. In addition it has helped me learn how to move in ways that encourage better body positioning.

I am mostly amazed at how chiropractic care really works. I was very skeptical towards Chiropractic care at first.

I really appreciate how careful and thorough Dr. Kami is towards me. When I have questions Dr. Kami answers them so I understand. I appreciate learning new exercises and suggestions on how to improve my movement patterns."

- M.T.

"I have been working with Dr. Caroline for over 18 months and have seen excellent results, and am more than happy with her service. As a competitive athlete and professional in the fitness industry, optimal health and functionality are integral to my life and career, and she has helped me immensely. Sustaining a fairly severe back injury while training led me to seek her help initially, and after seeing great success in treating that, I have continued to regularly meet with her for both preventative care and to help with other injuries I have sustained. Her knowledge and customer service are the best of any chiropractor I have worked with, and I have and do recommend her highly to anyone looking to improve their performance or quality of life."

- Mason A. Potvin, FMG Area Manager, 2014 INBF Wisconsin Champion Bantamweight

"Heartland Family Chiropractic has helped me feel better by having fewer headaches; it has also helped me tremendously with neck pain.

I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to meet with Dr. Hansen. She is not like any other chiropractor I have ever met. She takes the time to explain things to me that I will understand. She also helped me understand how things are connected to the spine."

- Amy Kelley

"I have been going to Dr. Caroline for over a year now and cannot believe the difference in my quality of life. Even though I'm in my twenties, I have suffered debilitating lower back pain. Before going to Dr. Caroline I would have days where I couldn't even bend over or get out of bed. Even now, after my immediate pain is gone and mobility is increased tenfold, I still go to see her every month to maintain all the gains I've made. It's amazing how much regular chiropractic care contributes to my overall health, too, as I rarely get sick anymore."

- Abby

"Heartland Family Chiropractic has given me a pain relief lifestyle. I have had a yearlong muscle knot under my shoulder blades. Chiropractic care has also helped me work through migraines faster and by getting my spine in a healthier condition it helps me whole body to function better. I love how she explained my x-rays so I can see the condition of my spine.

What amazed me the most about Dr. Hansen and Chiropractic care was that adjusting the spine can help can relax muscles, how different parts of your spine are directly related to other parts of your body and how chiropractic adjustments can get muscles to work with you and not against you.

Thank-You Dr. Kami for your desire to help people heal their bodies, for your kindness toward your patients and your dedication to your situation in this field. I’m glad you were born. Heartland Family Chiropractic is a very well run and organized clinic."

- Gayle Ruby

"Chiropractic care has helped the pain in my back pretty much go away. With living with scoliosis I have learned to deal with the back pain all the time, but with Dr. Hansen my pain is almost all gone. Dr. Hansen has introduced me to vitamins and minerals.

What amazed me the most about Dr. Kami was her over all concern about my body and life. Most chiropractors just adjust and go but Dr. Hansen believes in healing not just a quick fix. My chiropractic care has improved my entire well being.

You are the best and thank you for all you have done for me and my kids."

- Tracy Kurt


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